Elegant is one of the Brands of the Imtiayazat Group that sells various Tea and Coffee products.

Elegant has acquired an industrial license since (2014), and holds European, American and Italian international quality certificates.

It is specialized in importing Coffee and Tea products within international quality standards through which it obtained a customs exemption recommendation from the Food and Drug Authority for its quality from its ancient and specialized sources: China, India, Poland, Taiwan, Ethiopia and United Arab Emirates

About Elegant

Elegant is a Saudi brand based in Jeddah, focusing on manufacturing and selling imported coffee and tea products from various parts of the world within guaranteed quality and high efficiency through continuous research and discovery of new mechanisms for manufacturing and packaging processes in order to provide the best for our customers.

Elegant Ethical Nutrition

We set the standards for our products by making sure of the safety of ingredients and effectiveness of the product.

Membership Certificates

The group is applying a number of protective procedures which continuously ensure the safety and quality of the food product, in all phases of preparation and production. These procedures include:

Health requirements of the location and production’s environment of conditions, including exterior and interior design. Health conditions for workers, beside the good storage, and controlling on food temperature during storage, transporting and distribution.

Beside the manufacturing, producing, distribution. The Group packing the food product, adding identification labels on all its items which specify production and expiration date, nutrition facts and any information that reflect the group care and interest on publishing food awareness for consumers.

The group applied all health preventive conditions and requirements, and was distinguished in its performance in this made it gain international recognition and certificates, some of them are: