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About Us

With a long-term vision, the Group has appear as a leader in the food and coffee field, seeks to achieve the vision that Saudi Arabia seeks for 2030 by being a leading Saudi business group that implements economic strategies to achieve national wealth.

Our company is distinguished by providing high quality product, accurate standards, and international specifications, where we have reached to the satisfaction of the customer and providing what they need by attractive way.

From this principle, leadership was established in late 1991 to be one of the first initiatives to form a diversified and integrated group with long-term objectives, sustainable and high quality production, through continuous development processes that contribute to the advancement of development and achieving economic vision on a wide geographical scale.

We believe in the national skills and Saudi competencies and the Renaissance begins with the rising generation capable, so we have endeavored to employ national hands that have a high degree of efficiency, effectiveness and the best values of our country.

Our Values

We strive to create a modern and solid structure by promoting constant values such as loyalty, quality, innovation and mutual trust between us and our employees reaching to our customers. We always seek to encourage Research and development process, to provide a communication between us and our customers for continuous improvement of our products and services. "For you we have begun, to you we ends”

Our Vision

Global leadership, unique quality and being on the top is what our company is looking for in food and beverages industry.

Our Mission

Achieve high quality and emphasize the innovation value by providing a carefully selected food and beverage products around the world to reach the customer who seeking the high quality products.

Training Center

Training is part of the Group's strategic options to prepare human cadres that will be capable of meeting customer needs.

We aspire to the best international standards and high quality; Imtiayazat Alriyada Group has set up and established a training center for the beverage industry to focus on the efficiency of our Barista to provide the highest level of professionalism and provide them with all advanced means of knowledge and latest local and international developments to prepare them to improve their performance and production. In addition to improve performance and reduce the need for supervision; to be provided to our clients professionally, so that they are satisfied with what we offer and seek for them.

This center helps to improve the performance of Barista in our group. Not only that, but to improve the performance for all who seeks the best for making beverage industry by professional way, the training center welcomes everyone who wants the best, raise the quality and efficiency.

Even though, we still are striving to achieve the best for everyone.


In light of a wide-ranging vision, Imtiayazat Alriyada emerged as a pioneer in the field of food and cafes and fulfilled the vision for which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sought. It is a leading Saudi enterprise in the field of business. It is characterized by providing the product with high quality, accurate standards and international specifications.

With the grace of God, we gained the customer’s satisfaction and met the needs in a specialized and attractive way. From this principle, Imtiayazat Group were established in Late 2001 to be one of the first initiatives seeking to form a diverse and integrated entrepreneurial group with long-term goals. And with sustainable productivity and excellent quality through photographic and competitive operations, which include many aspects, including spread in wide geographical locations and the launch of an integrated chain in the field of foods and cafes.

Imtiayazat Alriyada Group