Moroccan Taste

Moroccan Taste


The Moroccan Taste Cafe Group is proud of its leading role in drive-thru coffee shops field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since it was established in late 1999, it has achieved excellence in all its transactions and services. The Group has a long-term vision to face new challenges in its services and products.

The Group developed policies and strategies that makes them a leading group at its field, in addition on developing its services and improving our products in locations in the Western Region. The Group has developed and continued success, besides opening branches in the Capital, then in eastern, northern region to find itself within the high demands for opening in the southern region, and this is what we aim to exist in all regions of the Kingdom.

The "Moroccan Taste Café" group has always been sincere in providing its services in a global and reliable way by maintaining its basic goal and adopting the principle of diversity as an essential element for the growth of the group in order to be able to exist in the future in order to achieve the best return for it. This policy has enabled the group to improve its revenues and achieve most of its goals and ambitions, and the group has recently sought the assistance of qualified and distinguished national cadres who work side by side with experts of other nationalities in its management, various divisions and branches throughout the Kingdom's regions.

Our History

“The real originality in every sip” Moroccan taste café was established in late 1999

About Us

Moroccan Taste Café is one of the most important and oldest sector within Imtiayazat Alriyada Group. Which is characterized and specialized as a main element in beverages field, which prepared in high quality, accurate standards, and international specifications. Within a wide range of branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Membership Certificates

The group is applying a number of protective procedures which continuously ensure the safety and quality of the food product, in all phases of preparation and production. These procedures include:

Health requirements of the location and production’s environment of conditions, including exterior and interior design. Health conditions for workers, beside the good storage, and controlling on food temperature during storage, transporting and distribution.

Beside the manufacturing, producing, distribution. The Group packing the food product, adding identification labels on all its items which specify production and expiration date, nutrition facts and any information that reflect the group care and interest on publishing food awareness for consumers.

The group applied all health preventive conditions and requirements, and was distinguished in its performance in this made it gain international recognition and certificates, some of them are: